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About Us

A team of millenials bringing innovation to the masses

Diversity and difference are our guiding principles.
We think differently.

  • Vision

    Our mission is to become the center point of the innovation ecosystem driving design thinking and thought leadership through our innovative opperating model. We are focused on providing individually tailored services to all clients that automate and enhance business processes, drive revenue and increase efficiency.

    We strive to think differently, solve complex problems and empower people to make changes that will have an impact across the globe.

  • Approach

    Buckham & Duffy thrives from a diverse and global team driven by millennials and supported by experienced technology experts. B&D creates futuristic concepts with emerging and current technology supported by well-developed strategy and risk management. Sitting at the fore-front of technology and innovation, B&D has become reouned for their researched, tested and progressive methods that transform disruptive ideas into unique functional solutions that improve business function, increase revenue and drive customer satisfaction. One of the major reasons businesses choose B&D is their ability to consider all emerging new bleeding edge technologies, not limiting any project to 'the norm' or 'old technologies'. A big part of what we do is about asking the right questions and coming up with really innovative ways to solve business problems and create new and interesting products and services. People say they love the way we work and they feel excited and inspired about their projects after meeting with us.

  • Culture

    We're all about experimentation, risk taking and straying from the heard, in fact, we encourage it.

  • History

    B&D was founded in 2012 by Alex Buckham and Jordan Duffy after a string of successful businesses in the digital space. Today, Buckham & Duffy assists businesses, start-ups, Blue Chip Companies and Government Agencies to innovate and optimize their operations.

Alex Buckham & Jordan Duffy

Alex Buckham
Managing Director

Alex is a passionate leader, product architect and creative who captains a globally diverse team of experts to design and create the impossible. A harmonious symmetry of both logical and creative hemispheres, matched with an expansive knowledge of all things "tech", gives Alex the ability to overcome any challenge.

Jordan Duffy
Director & Head of Innovation Strategy

As a technologist, business leader and creative, Jordan has dedicated his life to promoting the ethos of B&D in every aspect of his life. From mentoring through to enterprise-level client targeting, Jordan combines his whole-of-ecosystem perspective meanwhile making impactful influence to policy and government with several G20 groups and as a speaker at the 2014 Brisbane G20 and other high profile events.


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