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Apps in Business

It’s no secret that mobile is the future which is arguably already here. Apps go far beyond games and social networks, they actually bring a great deal of power to a business; allowing a business to interact and engage with customers in a whole new medium. Our moto is “Let customers talk to you in every way they want to”. If you’re a service business an app to allow customer to check in on core components of the service your providing is invaluable. This might be current time logged on a project, project status updates or maybe it’s an easy way for staff to submit support requests.

Drive customer engagement and increase revenue

The power of Push Notifications

Customers love our block-based approach to template building, Push is an untappedd marketing channel that get much higher engagement then any email newsletter ever will. Read our post on the power of the push!

Customer Loyalty

A mobile apps gives customers a way to constantly engage and interact with your business. Allowing you to service customers at a time that suits them.

Simple, Inexpensive and Scalable

We follow the same process for mobiles apps as we do with SaaS; start small and iterate.

When it comes to building a mobile app it is vital to remain agile and flexible. It's best to build a small amount of functionality and let the customers tell your what they'd like next instead of trying to guess what the customer will need.

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From a mobile device

Allow customers to order from their mobile device when they're on the go.



Create chat features to communicate with customers at any time during the day, or just when you chooose.

Stats & Metrics

Discovery through data

Give your customers access to data through a simple mobile interface

Internal Tools

Functions for Staff

Give internal staff the tools they need to report data back to the main office whilst on the go.

SaaS Integration

Intuitive & Powerful

Allow mobiles to drive data to your SaaS platform to assist in making real time business descisions.


Cloud Connectivity

Connect IoT devices to mobile apps to recieve and transmit data to/from the cloud through a mobile data connection.


100, 000+

Lines of code written



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