Our SaaS Process

An overview of our SaaS development process.

Workshop & Brainstorm

SaaS platforms can get huge. Trying to scope them is a monster task and in our opinion is a waste of time and money. Generally speaking, we see a lot of scoped projects get half way through at which point requirements change and thus the price is increased. Alternatively, there is the agile method which allows us to rapidly develop and deploy your SaaS solution in an iterative manner giving you something you can touch and feel within a matter of weeks.

However, as part of this method it’s important to understand where the project is heading in order to make allowances for future functionality. The best way to do this is through a brainstorming session where we sit with you and think of every possibility we can, document it and deliver it to our developers so they can keep it in the back of their minds.

Designs & Wireframes

Once we’ve had a big brainstorming session the next step is to start building the first piece of functionality. The best way to spec’ out a function is to build wireframes and understand the user experience that will be delivered. We’ll use our internal team to mock-up some wireframes and then we’ll get together for a quick half an hour catch-up to ensure that we haven’t missed any of your requirements.


We develop using Agile (which you may have heard of) so everything is broken down into “stories” and “stories” are placed in sprints. Our sprints go for two weeks which means you’ve got two weeks of a developer building your functions and deploying them at the end for you to play with. Once we know what functionality we’re building, the development team and project managers sit down and break up the requirements into small tasks that then form part of the sprint. We’ll give you a copy of this so that you can see exactly what’s going to happen in the next week.

Testing & Bugs

When a sprint has finished you’ll be able to visit a demo URL and test everything out. If you find any bugs or maybe you find something that should work in a different way, that’s fine! Instead of a scoped project where you’d be provided with scope creep document and an extra cost, we’ll simply take those tasks and integrate them into the next sprint alongside the next piece of functionality.